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Emergency Drills Notice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have been implementing emergency lockdown drills since the beginning of school along with the other LaPaz County schools. Our staff received in-service training on procedures and protocols to follow during the drills in the event that a real emergency situation was to occur. Our drills have been unannounced to students, staff, and parents to help prepare everyone with an urgency to follow the proper safeguards. In the event we have a real or practice emergency lockdown, I will announce it through our website, which links to Facebook, and through Class Dojo once we have all students and staff accounted for. Per the training from our school resource officer, I am not allowed to say why we are in lockdown, but I can report that all of our students safely accounted for in lockdown. I will be working with the sheriff's department and other school leaders to keep improving our drills moving forward. I appreciate your understanding at this time.


Susan Rohrig

New Faces at Salome

We have a lot of new friends at Salome Elementary this year, and students aren’t the only ones adjusting to a new place. We have some new staff members, so be sure to say hi! Jennifer Walton teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, Isabel Kennedy teaches first grade, and Alejandra Martinez and Lisa Coniglio are instructional aides. Let’s welcome our new friends with open arms!

Jennifer WaltonIsabel KennedyAlejandra MartinezLisa Coniglio
Spotlight: Mrs. Darla Weisser
Darla Weisser

Mrs. Weisser is our district administrative assistant. Thank you for your dedication and commitment!